Wednesday, 14 August 2013

10 must-try dishes in Vietnam! (Part 1)

Hello everyone, this is our first post about food. If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, these dishes will give you a sense of Vietnamese culinary tradition :D Are you hungry now? Let's begin!

1. Phở ( pronoununciation: /fuh/)
Yes, I guess this is a world-famous dish of Vietnam. It is made of basically noodles and beef. The tastes vary quite a bit as you travel across Vietnam. However, trying the different "Pho" from different regions of Vietnam is a wonderful way to get a wholesome idea of Vietnamese culinary tradition. 

"Pho" originated from Hanoi and the process of making it represents traits of people there - the perseverance in making the beef marrow overnight and the sophistication in preparing supplementary ingredients such as grilling cinamon and ginger. "Pho" can be savoured with chilli sauce, lemon or vinegar. In the South, "Pho" is a bit sweeter and vegetables such as bean sprouts are added to enhance its original taste. 

"Pho" is the symbol of Vietnam and it has been globalised over the world. However, the best place to enjoy "pho" is definitely Vietnam :D
Price: Varying from 1USD to 3USD.

2. Chả cá ( fried fish; pronunciation: /chah cah/)

This dish is very popular in Hanoi ( the capital city of Vietnam) and many coastal cities in Vietnam. It is mainly fish which is fried with various vegetables.
Price: Varying from 1USD to 4USD.

3. Bánh xèo ( fried rice cake; pronunciation: /banh sell/)

This dish is very representative of Vietnamese street food originating from the South To make this, rice is ground into liquid form. The liquid is then spread across a hot flat pan. It may include squid, fish, pork or even beef inside. Bánh xèo is usally eaten with its corresponding sauce and vegetables. A wonderful food indeed.
Price: Varying 0.2 USD to 1USD per cake.

4. Spinach

Are you like "are you kidding me? This sounds like Poepeye the Sailor." Haha. I am serious. The Vietnamese do not eat this in its raw form as shown in the famous cartoon. They stirfry it :D

This dish is so popular in Vietnam that you can find it almost any restaurants in Vietnam. The dish becomes the standard of appetizer in Vietnam. Simple but the taste is really unique in Vietnam. Try it:D
Price: Varying from 0.5USD to 2USD

5. Nem rán/chả giò (fried rice rolls; pronunciation: /nem ran; cha zo/
Ladies, isn't it so tasty? The rolls are made up of a fried layer of rice with minced pork meat and vegetables such as carrot, bean sprouts, brassica oleracea and Pachyrhizus erosus in the middle. All vegetables are sliced and mixed with minced meat, eggs and miến (a type of noodles made from green bean).  The disc is accompanied with its own kind of sauce made from fish sauce, vinegar and sugar. Must try!
Price: Varying from 1USD to 5USD per dish.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Denim Inspiration - How to mix denim items (Part 3)

To start a new week, I'm gonna continue with my Denim Inspiration blog series. The next suggestion I wanna discuss is "denim on denim"

Denim on denim
This means that the top and bottom of your outfit are both denim items. 

This is actually a denim jumpsuit. The large-sized belt gives us an impression that this mix includes a denim top and bottom. Metal accessories are the best choices for this mix.
To have a feminine appearance, you can mix an over-sized long-sleeved denim shirt with denim shorts and a pair of high-heeled shoes. 
A light-coloured long-sleeved denim blouse and skinny jeans
Similar to the previous suggestion, you can choose a light-coloured long-sleeved denim blouse. You can mix with a black skinny jeans and printed high-heeled shoes.
Colourful/ bright-coloured accessories like these will enhance the colours of your denim items.
Another example is to mix with this colourful clutch
The top can be changed into a jacket/cardigan with a white t-shirt inside. You can mix with a bright-coloured accesory such as this printed clutch.
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New ideas for Maxi

Hi all

I have just found some new ideas from maxi and wanna share with you guys :D
Striped maxi. Why not?

Chiffon flowery maxi dress
Cut-out maxi dress for prom :D. Choose pink colour to enhance the radiance of your skin
Turquoise split maxi combined with turquoise shoes and clutch :D
This colour is trendy :D and a metal belt will contribute to the striking combination
Metal accessories will make you appear wilder. This goes well with maxi skirt because maxi style promotes freedom and creativity in fashion :D
Colourful maxi dress combined with plain-coloured sandals. The simply designed necklace is the emphasis of the mix
So I hope these suggestions work :D If you have any new tips to share, feel free to contact me :D

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Thanks all and have a great day xD

Friday, 9 August 2013

Denim Inspiration - How to mix denim items? (Part 2)

Hi all,

Welcome back! On this entry, I'm gonna share another tip to mix denim items with maxi. Let's take a look and have fun :D
White tank top and denim skirt. This looks like "colour block" combination. You may mix with with a pair high-heeled sandals, sunglasses and of course a bright-coloured belt. The belt is actually the main emphasis of the mix
Denim skirt and white blouse. You may consider this novel way of tying the belt :D

Denim dress and red 0.0

Denim sleeveless top and printed maxi skirt inspired by Miranda Kerr. This is especially suitable for those with admirable heights and fair skin.

To be continued on the next entry: mix denim on denim 

Denim Inspiration - How to mix denim items? (Part 1)

Hi all,

Denim items have come into fashion for decades. The truth is denim style will never get out of fashion. What matters is how to diversify the mix of denim items so that you can maximise resources inside your wardrobe. Here are some tips that I have collected. Hope that you guys will find some inspirations to stay on trend :D

Denim shorts

Denim shorts can be combined with various items, tight or baggy. Let's take a look at some suggestions below
Notice the way the top is tucked. You don't need to follow the tradition all the time. A pair of high-heeled sandals will contribute to the simple yet elegant combination.
With printed top and long-sleeved and knee-length blazer

Charming in over-sized sweater

Denim shorts with white top and a chiffon blazer. You can mix with a pair large-sized sunglasses and floppy hat. Necklaces should be noticeable to create an emphasis on the top.

To have a chic appearance, mix your denim shorts with a white top that partly reveals your cleavage. Mixed with metal accessories to emphasize your individuality!
Choosing denim shorts and a white top with striking words like this :D

To be continued on the next entry Mix denim and maxi dress/dress

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Coast to Coast - Tips to choose sexiest swimsuit 0.0

Summer is an ideal period to enjoy the sun and the sea. For many ladies, choosing suitable swimsuits that enhance their curves and sexiness can be a hard nut to crack. The key idea is to choose swimsuits that are suitable for your body types. So let's spend a few minutes browsing through the tips I have collected over pages. 

Hour-glass body
This is definitely the perfect body type for most of ladies. If you have such a body, you will be spoiled with choices because most of the swimsuits will enhance your curves. This year trend tends toward neon and plain colours. Let's take a look.

Black and white combination

Pink neon bikini inspired by Angel Candice
Red colour bikini, suitable for sun-tanned skin
Combined with oversized chiffon blouse
Striking hot pink bottom to enhance your curves

Denim bikini

Average-sized body
If you do not have defined curves, it's better to choose colourful and printed bikini. Let's see

Flowery top combined with a colourful head band
Combined with statement necklace

Flowery bikini and jacket

Chubby body
Be confident in the tight swimsuits. Choose high-waist bottom to create the illusion of longer legs and slimmer thighs. 

High-waist bottom
Put emphasis on the fuller upper body and face with large-sized sunglasses

One-pieced swimsuit and floppy hat

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