Wednesday, 14 August 2013

10 must-try dishes in Vietnam! (Part 1)

Hello everyone, this is our first post about food. If you have a chance to visit Vietnam, these dishes will give you a sense of Vietnamese culinary tradition :D Are you hungry now? Let's begin!

1. Phở ( pronoununciation: /fuh/)
Yes, I guess this is a world-famous dish of Vietnam. It is made of basically noodles and beef. The tastes vary quite a bit as you travel across Vietnam. However, trying the different "Pho" from different regions of Vietnam is a wonderful way to get a wholesome idea of Vietnamese culinary tradition. 

"Pho" originated from Hanoi and the process of making it represents traits of people there - the perseverance in making the beef marrow overnight and the sophistication in preparing supplementary ingredients such as grilling cinamon and ginger. "Pho" can be savoured with chilli sauce, lemon or vinegar. In the South, "Pho" is a bit sweeter and vegetables such as bean sprouts are added to enhance its original taste. 

"Pho" is the symbol of Vietnam and it has been globalised over the world. However, the best place to enjoy "pho" is definitely Vietnam :D
Price: Varying from 1USD to 3USD.

2. Chả cá ( fried fish; pronunciation: /chah cah/)

This dish is very popular in Hanoi ( the capital city of Vietnam) and many coastal cities in Vietnam. It is mainly fish which is fried with various vegetables.
Price: Varying from 1USD to 4USD.

3. Bánh xèo ( fried rice cake; pronunciation: /banh sell/)

This dish is very representative of Vietnamese street food originating from the South To make this, rice is ground into liquid form. The liquid is then spread across a hot flat pan. It may include squid, fish, pork or even beef inside. Bánh xèo is usally eaten with its corresponding sauce and vegetables. A wonderful food indeed.
Price: Varying 0.2 USD to 1USD per cake.

4. Spinach

Are you like "are you kidding me? This sounds like Poepeye the Sailor." Haha. I am serious. The Vietnamese do not eat this in its raw form as shown in the famous cartoon. They stirfry it :D

This dish is so popular in Vietnam that you can find it almost any restaurants in Vietnam. The dish becomes the standard of appetizer in Vietnam. Simple but the taste is really unique in Vietnam. Try it:D
Price: Varying from 0.5USD to 2USD

5. Nem rán/chả giò (fried rice rolls; pronunciation: /nem ran; cha zo/
Ladies, isn't it so tasty? The rolls are made up of a fried layer of rice with minced pork meat and vegetables such as carrot, bean sprouts, brassica oleracea and Pachyrhizus erosus in the middle. All vegetables are sliced and mixed with minced meat, eggs and miến (a type of noodles made from green bean).  The disc is accompanied with its own kind of sauce made from fish sauce, vinegar and sugar. Must try!
Price: Varying from 1USD to 5USD per dish.


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