Sunday, 11 August 2013

New ideas for Maxi

Hi all

I have just found some new ideas from maxi and wanna share with you guys :D
Striped maxi. Why not?

Chiffon flowery maxi dress
Cut-out maxi dress for prom :D. Choose pink colour to enhance the radiance of your skin
Turquoise split maxi combined with turquoise shoes and clutch :D
This colour is trendy :D and a metal belt will contribute to the striking combination
Metal accessories will make you appear wilder. This goes well with maxi skirt because maxi style promotes freedom and creativity in fashion :D
Colourful maxi dress combined with plain-coloured sandals. The simply designed necklace is the emphasis of the mix
So I hope these suggestions work :D If you have any new tips to share, feel free to contact me :D

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Thanks all and have a great day xD


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