Friday, 9 August 2013

Coast to Coast - Tips to choose sexiest swimsuit 0.0

Summer is an ideal period to enjoy the sun and the sea. For many ladies, choosing suitable swimsuits that enhance their curves and sexiness can be a hard nut to crack. The key idea is to choose swimsuits that are suitable for your body types. So let's spend a few minutes browsing through the tips I have collected over pages. 

Hour-glass body
This is definitely the perfect body type for most of ladies. If you have such a body, you will be spoiled with choices because most of the swimsuits will enhance your curves. This year trend tends toward neon and plain colours. Let's take a look.

Black and white combination

Pink neon bikini inspired by Angel Candice
Red colour bikini, suitable for sun-tanned skin
Combined with oversized chiffon blouse
Striking hot pink bottom to enhance your curves

Denim bikini

Average-sized body
If you do not have defined curves, it's better to choose colourful and printed bikini. Let's see

Flowery top combined with a colourful head band
Combined with statement necklace

Flowery bikini and jacket

Chubby body
Be confident in the tight swimsuits. Choose high-waist bottom to create the illusion of longer legs and slimmer thighs. 

High-waist bottom
Put emphasis on the fuller upper body and face with large-sized sunglasses

One-pieced swimsuit and floppy hat


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